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European Capital and Green Pioneer of Smart Tourism

Helsinki - Winner of 2019 European Capitals of Smart Tourism

Boasting 460 years of history, Helsinki is also a modern city with a burgeoning smart tourism industry. Powered by its open approach to public data – available free for all since 2009 – Helsinki has become a hotbed of software innovation. 

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Helsinki boasting 460 years of history

Helsinki is a modern city with a burgeoning smart tourism industry. In 2017, visitors to Finland’s capital reached record numbers, with in excess of 4.5 million people taking advantage of a destination that mixes high-tech and sustainable design with stunning arts and culture all in one compact and vibrant city.

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Smart ways to get around the city

The city’s smart public transport system enjoyed a rise in user satisfaction over the last two years and Helsinki isn’t standing still. An ‘Uber boat’ system is under consideration and driverless buses are being trialled on open streets.

Helsinki has been ranked second at the Accessible City Awards in 2015. And, if you do need any extra help, multilingual ‘Helsinki Helpers’ are stationed at main attractions to offer assistance.

Visitors will see first-hand some of the 143 measures in place to help Helsinki become carbon neutral by 2035. The Helsinki Road Map prevents overcrowding and supports local business as it guides tourists around the city, while 75% of hotel rooms are certified environmentally friendly. Helsinki is also increasing the share of cycling, walking, and electric cars and trains.


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An innovative approach to cultural tourism

Powered by its open approach to public data – available free for all since 2009 – Helsinki has become a hotbed of software innovation. One of the major successes is the website, an ad-free service platform featuring recommendations from the people who know the city best – the locals.

If you’ve come to Helsinki for its famous spa life, you won’t be disappointed. Saunas form an important part of Finnish culture and national identity, and there are plenty to choose from. Helsinki features a wide array of environmental friendly saunas that are made from sustainable wood and powered by water, solar heating and wind.

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General publications15 April 2021
Helsinki preliminary programme of activities as 2019 European Capital of Smart Tourism


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