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European Capital and Green Pioneer of Smart Tourism
Sajtócikk2022. július 5.Belső Piaci, Ipar-, Vállalkozás- és Kkv-politikai Főigazgatóság

Ecology at heart: The Bordeaux Wine Festival

In 2022, the Bordeaux Wine Festival was organised as a certified sustainable festival as a cornerstone of the city’s year as the European Capital of Smart Tourism.

Representatives from the European Commission at the Bordeaux Wine Festival

On the 23 – 26 June over 80 wine areas from the district of Bordeaux were presented for visitors to explore. The entire event is organised with ecology at the heart of the festival. The 2022 event is fully certified for its environmental management and has been since last year. The festival promotes the diversity of the Bordeaux wine region with not only wine being offered but various regional products for visitors to enjoy.


To encourage sustainable travel, the public transport tickets included the tasting pass and the city organised increased bicycle parking for the visitors to the festival. In addition, 50% of materials used for the stands of the 2022 festival were reused from last years festival and the to further reduce waste, the city partnered with “Eau de la Métropole” to provide free drinking water at the festival for all visitors. To increase accessibility, the festival included dedicated access for people with disabilities, a non-gender policy and a staff member specifically tasked with being a point of contact for harassment at the festival.


The entire festival and its sustainable orientation are a testament to the efforts of the 2022 European Capital of Smart Tourism.