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European Capital and Green Pioneer of Smart Tourism

Shortlisted: Bratislava, Slovakia

This city on the Danube has been the Slovakian capital for 25 years and today it offers visitors a winning combination of impressive historical landmarks and modern methods to enjoy them.

Arrive sustainably

Bratislava is a city full of history, but is still a young capital. The city’s location, right at the heart of Europe, lends itself especially well to sustainable travel; there are few cities that are so easily accessible by train from so many other places in Europe. The city has sought to make the most out of this connectivity by implementing a number of cross border initiatives, such as RAIL4SEE; a project that has improved rail links between cities in South East Europe; EDITS; a mobility as a service initiative that is boosting the development of cross border travel information; and VIBRAT, a project that is promoting e-mobility between Vienna and Bratislava.

Bratislava 2


Barrier-free access

A focus on accessibility continues once visitors arrive in the city. Tourists are encouraged to take up the offer of the Bratislava City & Region Card. This official tourist destination card, allows for unlimited travel in all zones of Bratislava’s integrated transport system. It also grants access to 14 museums and galleries and entitles users to more than 100 discounts. Free WiFi is available throughout the historical centre and the Bratislava app provides up to date information on everything that’s going on, ensuring visitors don’t miss out on anything.

The city is geared up to meet the needs of all visitors. Most public transport routes and tourist sites offer barrier-free access and Gerulata, the ancient Roman site, even offers a “tactual” exhibition, where visually impaired visitors can be guided by touch.

Bratislava 3