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European Capital and Green Pioneer of Smart Tourism

BREDA - Category winner: ACCESSIBILITY

The input of Breda inhabitants is visible in all of the projects that have helped transform the city into a smart tourism destination. 

Breda listens to its citizens

From ensuring that public transport is accessible for all, to partnerships with study programmes to bring history to life and the ambitious carbon neutrality strategy; citizens are involved at every step of the way.


Illuminating landmarks

New light is being shed on Breda’s cultural landmarks. Animations, developed in cooperation with local students, illuminate iconic buildings across the city, such as the Spanjaardsgat water gate and Breda castle. Sustainable LED lighting is also putting a spotlight on sites such as the Church of Our Lady and Willemstraat, Breda’s smartest street. The lighting on this central avenue can be changed to any colour and brightened or dimmed to suit events or to set a particular ambience. The street also benefits from route planning and crowd-management tools, as well as its own fibre optic public wifi.

Breda Category winner


A focus on accessibility

A board of people with disabilities closely examines all of Breda’s new plans and initiatives and the local “Breda for Everyone, Welcoming and Accessible” organisation has brought together city authorities, entrepreneurs and Breda University, to focus on improving accessibility for all. As a result, the city is geared up to meet the needs of any visitor. Cobble stones have been renewed, to make the medieval city centre accessible for elderly people and wheelchair users. All neighbourhoods have been equipped with pavement ramps and guiding lines for the blind and all bus drivers have been trained in hospitality towards passengers with a disability. This comprehensive approach helped Breda win the 2019 European Access City Award.


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