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European Capital and Green Pioneer of Smart Tourism

Shortlisted: Ravenna, Italy

In Ravenna you can have it all – it is a city full of art and archaeological sites, museums and theatres, but it is also a city right by the sea, with over 30km of wide sandy beaches to enjoy. 

Ravenna during tourism’s off-season 

Ravenna is focusing on spreading out tourism across the entire year. To encourage visitors to come outside of the man season (from April to September), Ravenna organises special events in Autumn and around Christmas and New Year. At Ravenna’s seaside, beach facilities also offer restaurant services and host cultural and music events during the off-season. 

Ravenna makes sure that the city’s beaches, dunes and pinewoods are not too affected by tourism activities. Wooden walkways to the beaches aim at preserving the dune ecosystem, all along Ravenna’s 35 km shoreline. 

Ravenna 1


Listening to the sounds of Ravenna 

Ravenna has its own Spotify channel! Here, the city’s story is told through a narration made not of images and text, but of songs and lyrics, thereby revealing the character and magic of the city. Especially local bands are represented here. The Spotify channel contributes to Ravenna’s vitality and creativity, as it really is a city of music – several music festivals are held in the city throughout the year, from jazz to soul and much more. 

The #myRavenna blog, run by the local tourism authority, is open to outside contributions. Inhabitants of the city have taken up this opportunity, by posting blogs on a range of tourism activities, from archaeology to festivals.

Ravenna 2