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European Capital and Green Pioneer of Smart Tourism

Cities 2022

The European Capital of Smart Tourism 2022 awarded two European cities that received an award for their outstanding achievements in four categories. 

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Winners of the European Capitals of Smart Tourism 2022 competition

Valencia (Spain) and Bordeaux (France) were jointly awarded the title of European Capitals of Smart Tourism for 2020 – an award that recognizes outstanding achievements in smart tourism planning.

Bordeaux 2022
Bordeaux, France

Winner of the 2022 competition

Proudly eco-friendly and innovative

Bordeaux is a cosmopolitan city with over 257,000 inhabitants where people and cultures meet. It is a place of creativity and a gateway to the South-West of France. Here, where multiple environments intertwine, the river that runs through the greatest vineyards in the world, all the way to the Gironde Estuary, is found - close to the Atlantic Ocean and Arcachon Bay. Bordeaux may well be an 18thcentury city, but it is proudly eco-friendly and innovative. While the Gironde capital constitutes the largest UNESCO-listed area in the world with 347 monuments, it is also a pioneer for urban regeneration. The city is fully committed to welcoming refugees.

Valencia 3
Valencia, Spain

Winner of the 2022 competition

A home to three UNESCO World Heritage Declarations

Valencia lies on the Spanish South-eastern coast and is the third largest city in Spain with over 791,000 inhabitants. The picturesque city welcomes 2.2 million visitors every year and is home to three UNESCO World Heritage Declarations. The city boasts avant-garde architecture, a futuristic Arts and Sciences City and many creative events such as the Goyas film awards or the Michelin food gala. Its tourism sector employs over 30,000 professionals and it has been developing its innovative practices, making it a strong candidate for the European Capital of Smart Tourism.

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Shortlisted cities in the 2022 European Capitals of Smart Tourism competition

Seven cities have been shortlisted for the 2022 European Capital of Smart Tourism competition (presented in alphabetical order):

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Winner of the European Destination of Excellence 2022 competition

Middelfart (Danemark) has been selected as the winner of the 2022 European Destination of Excellence (EDEN) competition, following a European Jury meeting in Brussels on 26 October 2021. 

In total, 43 destinations competed, out of which 3 shortlisted destinations were invited to present their candidatures in front of the European Jury. Middelfart presented an outstanding programme of activities for their title year, and convinced the Jury with their exemplary sustainable practices.

Find more information on the former EDEN competition here: